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Year #1

In honor of Valentine's Day this weekend, I thought I'd finally post some photos from our anniversary shoot we took with the fabulous Melissa Kilner in November. She shot my sister's wedding a couple years ago, and I loved the photos, so I booked her and told Mr. Graham later (sometimes that's the way to get things done, amiright?). Not knowing where life is going to take us, I wanted to capture the true pacific northwest feel where we spent our first couple of years together. I think Melissa captured that and more.

The location was Rattlesnake Lake and up on Rattlesnake Ridge/Ledge in North Bend (whichever name you prefer). We got dressed after a Saturday dance rehearsal and hiked the two miles up the trail to find ourselves in a white sky, rather than the expansive views we were expecting. Just know this: in the photo below, J is standing on a boulder on the side of a cliff, and I'm woozy just looking at it.

Aren't these photos just dreamy? I think so. 


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Two weeks ago, I left Utah and spent a magical day in NYC with some of my favorite people, before hopping on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to cross the pond, land in Portugal for my sweet friend's wedding and a long weekend in Lisbon, then on to Paris for a week of croissants and walking, and now we are taking it slow in Strasbourg. Come Monday, my little sister/travel companion/tour guide and I will be parting ways (ohmygosh not ready for that), and then to Germany it is.

We don't know how much weight we've gained, but gained we have. Every once in a while we supplement our high-carb diet with a smoothie or some detox tea, but mostly it's just chocolate and all the delicious pastries we can eat, followed by the best cappuccinos I've ever had. One is only in France for so long, you know. #wheninfrance
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John and I took a quick self-led tour around their yard. It was getting dark very quickly, but it was nice to step back and check out the garden (we also want to replicate that eventually), the orchard beyond that, and just watch the party and happy newlywed from afar. We were reminiscing and also talking dreams for the futu…